My Three Funny Cats – Funny Pet Story

My three funny cats

My Three Funny Cats! – Funny Pet Story

I want to tell the pet story of my three funny cats,  after moving to my current home 9 years ago, I was 6 years without a pet with hair which could hug, kiss and consent. Recently I moved, and in my old house, I had fish which was a wonderful experience because they are intriguing but are not pets contact. I needed a furry pet that could touch. Many nights entered on sites of internet sales to see options pets, spent hours watching videos of pets on youtube and investigated which could be the ideal option for an apartment of 80 square meters.

Today after several years and a lot of stories i want to tell little by little how I can have three beautiful funny cats, two females and one male. They make us happy our life in home. Each of them has a definite character and wonderful peculiarities that make it unique. Each has its magic, its place in our hearts and I want to introduce them, their names are: “cotufa” what does it mean pop corn in Spanish, “Lucy” and “Felipe” like Philip. In that order came into my life but all are in the same place in my heart, there is no preference for either.

My funny cats they take very well to each other, are very affectionate and respect, however sometimes give their swipes to claim somewhere like the sink, the window, the top of the refrigerator, among other popular places that are rotated one with another. Cotufa is the official cat after she came home to give him the option of adopting an ad online. His photo love me and I felt in my heart that she would be my great friend, I was not wrong. Lucy is a cat rescued and adopted from 15 days old a great friend lent me to give she all weekends to care for her and give milk bottle until finally stayed with us forever. Felipe, the smallest of the three, is a real miracle, the rescue of three days old with her sister, still had the umbilical cord when taking the decision to take them home, Felipe survived only after much struggle to live.

These small beings are a great joy in my home, although sometimes make their mischief, they are usually relaxation therapy and anti stress for everyone in the house. They make us laugh, sigh, mourn, disturb and scare but everything wonderfully. I have particularly different types of species of pets but I am convinced that cats are supremely special!. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell my pet story, I hope everyone likes.

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