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Rolf the super smart dog

The Dog Super Smart

Rolf, the dog super smart. As part of Nazi Germany during the course of World War II there were many projects and experiments and purposes quite outlandish and bizarre goals. One of these secret projects was to create an army of super-intelligent dogs, as published the Daily Mail according a group of declassified files in 2.011 February.

The aim was to achieve real communication with dogs, especially those whose owners were part of the forces of the dreaded SS. Hitler was dog lover, had two German shepherds and showed much interest in the results of research and experiments, where he went on to create a school for dogs to treat them to teach reading and writing, because according to the Nazis dogs could be as smart as people. Dog Academy was created in the late 30s and remained throughout the war, was called Tier-Sprechschule ASRA and was located near the city of Hannover, it was directed by Margarethe Schmitt.

Rolf talking with the table
Rolf, The Super Smart Dog talking with the table

Of all the dogs, Rolf was the most outstanding, race terrier Airedale, the Nazis could say that the dog spoke perfectly through a table playing with their feet and each letter was represented by a certain number of touches, a sort of morse code adapted to dogs. According to reports the dog could through this mechanism talk, recite poetry and express their Nazi pride, even his desire to join the army and go to war because he did not like the French.

Don a Dachhund was another dog super smart, as it is known was one of the most favorite of Adolf because when he was asked what to whom Hitler was the dog responded with the table: “Mein Fuhrer” and like little every time I was hungry asked cakes. All this effort, it seemed rather a colossal scam, many reports of tests and experiments carried out by Dr. Jan Bondeson and what is known as a “unique and amazing dogs in history” remained.

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