Have Pets and Animals Sixth Sense?

Animals Sixth Sense, Dogs have more developed senses than humans

They have our Pets & animals sixth sense?

The sixth sense is a special ability to perceive the reality or the ability to intuit certain circumstances. They have our animals sixth sense ability to perceive and to develop even more so than humans, can intuit and foresee things that humans do not do.

Dogs and cats senses and other animals have more developed than their masters, that in most cases not hear or see things that our dogs can see and smell, this is particularly due to the sensitivity of their senses. Dog sense of smell have developed 40 times the human, in the case of cats senses, they have a very sharp ear can perceive sounds imperceptible to the human ear in addition to an extraordinary view even in the dark.

The pets and animals sixth sense is closely related to the relationship that they have with their home and their owners using this as a mechanism of protection and care. It is a kind of alarm that is activated when a perceived danger or threat.

As our pets & animals can feel the approaching danger and are attributed to their sixth sense or telepathy, this is also reflected in normal behaviors as knowing the arrival of his master even at different times than usual.

Your pet have a sixth sense? think about it, observe your pet and meet her!


The Animal 6th Sense can anticipate disasters and natural phenomena?

The Animals Sixth Sense helped save that dog to the Tsunami in Chile 2015 - Photo by AFP
The Animals Sixth Sense helped save that dog to the Tsunami in Chile 2015 – Photo by AFP

The sensitivity of the animals to natural phenomena that can happen is shocking. The facts reveal how they managed to avoid and survive tsunamis , earthquakes, among others.

An event that shocked the world was the tsunami of 2004 in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asian countries leaving a balance of approximately 250,000 victims without finding dead animals. Exactly for the ability of animals to predict these events themselves escaped and were saved.

In 2008 China Sichuan city suffered an earthquake in which 10,000 people died. Two days before the earthquake occurred millions of frogs and toads emigrated, many would argue that theseanimals felt the catastrophe, in newspapers it was said that ignored this behavior in animals to make forecasts.


Your pet might warn you before it happens an earthquake or tsunami? loves and knows your pet!

Can dogs see ghosts and paranormal phenomena?

Dog senses more developed than man's might help perceive ghosts
Dog senses more developed than man’s might help perceive ghosts

There are facts associated with the behavior of animals that science has not been able to explain yet, but parapsychologists renowned as the American Robert Morris in the sixties, he used animals as a control method for experiments, based on the fact that the behavior of the animals was affected when subjected to places where some tragedy had occurred or suspected presence of ghosts.

The curious fact was that the animals take the positions of attack as a defense mechanism, but elsewhere immediately his behavior was normal.

It is evident the ability to perceive our pets can sense events that occur like illness or death of their masters. Recently, have been developed some projects for the prevention of diseases, using animals like the method the detection.

Who has a pet and observe any behavior out of the ordinary, it is aware that the sixth sense of your pet it takes to react well and prepare or warn a danger or threat that arises from this is advisable to be aware of these guardians of the home.

There are ghosts in your house? your dog or cat could warn about ghosts!

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