My Pampered Cat! – Funny Pet Story

Photo Collage of my pampered cat bebe - funny pet story

My Pampered Cat! – Funny Pet Story

Today I want them to know my beautiful pampered cat named Bebe, she has a very special funny pet story I want to tell you. She came into my life through a friend that heard mourn in the garden of her house, the kitty was completely alone, that’s why my friend realized rescued the 29th October 2014. My friend called me because she did not could have it her home because she was resting after childbirth. I went to her house and just saw the pampered kitty got into my heart, but really did not want to accept it because months before I lost my cat beloved who lived with me for ten years, but that’s another pet story that later give them to know.

The Bebe was about seven days old, was very small and still had her eyes closed, the first time the fed with bottle was I impressed as it was quickly adapted, taking her bottle every two hours, the first few nights I could not sleep, just like a newborn baby, apart from that also he tidied with wipes to stimulate their physiological needs. It was quite a beautiful experience to see the connection of that little being with me was unforgettable and I will never forget tender. To sleep, I plucked a box with a blanket and placed a bottle of warm water to feel the warmth of her absent mother, and gradually grew the baby.

And more youthful, it was very playful but still shy with other cats in the house, in March 2015 I took she to the doctor for that sterilized to control the population of cats in my home and their health, recovery was very good and then that this cat has become even more beautiful and pampered. At night you want to get into my bed to sleep but since when hungry bites me with malice but gently feet to make me wake up, I try to ignore it but at the end achieves its goal, makes me stop the bed to give their food.

My cat pampered every day makes me laugh with his jokes, it along with my other cats are my therapy relaxing in my most stressful days, I love playing with she and pet her, now has a new habit, whenever she sees me sitting mounts on my back to sleep peacefully, this causes me much grace so much so that she knows and whenever you can do. With this brief review, I presented to the Bebe, my pampered cat, now has a year and a half of life and I keep giving us moments of joy, hope our friendship is for many years. I hope you liked my funny pet story thanks for letting me share it.

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