HODOR, Cat tortured was thrown into a sewage pit!

Cat tortured was thrown into pit!

Hodor, The cat abused! All Life Matters!

Thursday May 26 of 2016, we received a phone call informing about a cat tortured exposed for more than four days to a situation of grave danger. The cat abused was inside a pit of sewage of about 20 feet deep, which is equivalent to the 2nd floor of a building. According to the person making the complaint, the cat tortured is injured or possibly less sick because practically not moving place, certainly not known if he has eaten something.

For several days a neighbor the sector tried to get support of the firefighters in the municipality, rescue agencies, foundations and associations of animal protection, but it was not possible to achieve the necessary assistance, in some cases total lack of interest and in others by the technical impossibility and operative to effect the rescue of the little angel.

Once we know the case, our communication with people who reported the situation, both the citizen making the complaint and request support, and the neighbor sector was smooth and consistent in order to analyze the possibilities of providing support to poor animal abused. Among the first measures taken was to try to take him down as possible some food and water, the idea was to try to prolong life until we could coordinate a rescue and this food was fundamental.

The neighbor, accompanied by his daughters, went two and up to three times a day to check that the cat tortured was still alive and dropped food and water as he could. The cat abused was observed eating and drinking in two opportunities, giving us great hope and motivated us even more to try to help. It was also requested as part of an initial risk assessment and threat of a complete photographic record area as well as a detailed description of the place in order to manage as soon as possible material and human resources needed to save that life.

After several phone calls, it is possible to form a small group willing to provide resources, equipment and provide the rescue volunteer firefighters, but unfortunately that same Thursday afternoon it rained before they could do anything to take us to the place. We could not ask night perform rescue as the sector where he was the cat is a very dangerous and unsafe for the amount of crime that operates daily in the area.

After analyzing several times the images and videos gathered by the information received from the event, our team and the people involved in helping the cat tortured, we have no doubt that the little animal abused was released intentionally in the well sewage to end his life in a cruel and inhumane way. The situation was very unfortunate and sad for us all. We can only reflect what happened and denounce the perpetrators of abused animals for which the authority and law monitor and prevent if possible cruelty to animals.

We wanted to call this little angel, Hodor…

“The greatness of a nation
can be judged by the way
its animals are treated”.

Mahatma Gandhi


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