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Hero Dog Pickles

A Hero Dog!

Jules Rimet was stolen on March 20, 1966, nothing more and nothing less than the World Cup was known as Jules Rimet. It happened in the Central Hall Westminster, England while the award was held showcased on the eve of the World Cup would be where the English hosts. Thieves trophy and no stamps that were much more valuable for three million pounds were taken.

After the event a large police operation was deployed to the whereabouts of the robbers and the World Cup. But a week later the British police was overcome in the search for a dog named Pickles whose owner was a stock trader. The dog found the trophy in a flower pot wrapped in newspaper, buried in a suburban garden in Beulah Hill, South Norwood, south London. They never managed to catch the thief and even came to suspect the same Pickles and his owner as the possible perpetrators of the robbery.

Immediately Pickles had become a national hero and England had saved to make the ridiculous world that year. As a reward the merchant owner Piclkes the Hero Dog was rewarded six thousand lbs sterling besides being the symbol of the 1966 World Cup in England. That year, 1966, the English hosts manage to win the cup and be crowned world champions and dog hero Pickles and his owner were invited to the banquet of celebration and the dog was allowed to eat the leftovers and licking the plates of the players, he a whole feast!.

Pickles achieved fame and participated in the same year of 1966 in the film The Spy cold nose with actors Eric Sykes and June Whitfield. In 2006 the writer Michael Chaplin made a film that was broadcast by ITV called “Pickles: The dog that won the World Cup”, and was attended by Harry Enfield. The hero dog of England died in August 1971, six years after its discovery and fame, he strangled with his belt while chasing a cat, he was buried in the courtyard of the house of its owner David Corbett.

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