Health Benefits of Pets

Pets and health of people interrelate positively

There are health benefits of pets?

Health benefits of pets owning, knows at least six ways. Always, for centuries, we wanted to associate the pets and health of people, today already verified that the pets improve your health.

Millions of people After a hard day’s work and effort pet owners experience a relaxing to get home to be greeted with joy and affection for its beautiful animal therapy, and pets are definitely great friends that benefit our health. mentions at least 6 ways of health benefits of pets and how interrelate for positively influencing to improve our health:

Health benefits of pets, its a fact!

1. Pets fight allergies

One of the health benefits of pets is fight allergies
One of the health benefits of pets is fight allergies

One of the health benefits of pets is fight allergies, in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researcher James E. Gern, MD who is a pediatrician and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison concerns that today is old and obsolete thinking that pets are the cause of allergies in and even small children when the family is prone to allergies for genetic reasons. Every day more scientific research that ratify and confirm that children growing up accompanied by pets and furry animals are less likely to develop allergies and asthma at some point in their lives.

Dr. James E. Gern, conducted a study where the blood of newborn babies and then a also analyzed later, the goal was to get evidence of allergic reactions and changes in the immune system of children, the results showed that babies live with a dog in the house babies were less likely to show allergies between 19% and 33% compared children who did not have a dog at home. Also it showed the existence of favorable substances to maintain a stronger immune system and fewer skin reactions such as eczema, redness and itching. Dr. Gern says that dogs are dirty animals and that those babies who are exposed to certain levels of dirt and allergens develop a stronger immune system.

2. Magnets for couples and friends

Magnets for couples and friends is one of the health benefits of pets owning
Magnets for couples and friends is one of the health benefits of pets owning – Photo Credit:

Pets are excellent reasons to make emotional connections as couples and friends, pets are topics of natural conversation and where you can express many emotions and feelings that quickly helps to achieve empathy between people.

Animals help their owners to interact more socially, are the antidote to isolation, loneliness and shyness as says psychiatry professor PhD, Nadine Kaslow, who works at Emory University in Atlanta USA.

The relationships usually do not stay at the level of theme dog but go to different thematic plans and make possible communication and wider exchange between people who can visit a park or a place to walk their pets or during visits to veterinarians. Pets are to achieve a strong affinity and positive emotions. For all these reasons definitely owning pets improve your health.


3. Pets improve your health for the elderly

Old man with his pets
Senior man with dog and cat on his lap on bench

Pets reduce anxiety attacks in patients suffering from Alzheimer according to PhD, Lynette Hart professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California. But the health benefits of pets is not only for patients, caregivers also enjoy and rely on the presence of pets to care for their patients, especially if they are cats usually have less care than dogs.

The walking a dog or just caring for a pet are reasons to improve mood, have some activity and exercise, all this provides companionship and health for the elderly. Proof of this are some insurance companies in the US they consider important and favorable that older people have a pet, such as Midland Life Insurance Company of Columbus, Ohio.


4. Pets are good for the body, mind and soul

Owning pets improve your health, assistance dog with crutch
Owning pets improve your health, assistance dog with crutch

A clear example we see him sick patients with HIV AIDS, these people are very likely to have depression, the health benefits of pets shown in scientific studies researcher Judith Siegel, PhD, is that when these patients are pet owners or share with them significantly reduce depression. It was also shown in a scientific study of stockbrokers who suffer hypertension as pets were the cause of reduced stress in their lives.

Stress creates a state of general malaise in people, when someone is under a lot of pressure and stress generates substances that can be very harmful to health such as adrenaline and cortisol as they affect the immune system. Studies show as chemicals that generate stress state help plaque buildup in the arteries affecting circulation and heart.

Owning pets improve your health, interacting with a dog, a cat or any pet at home is considered a relaxing positive activity that helps reduce stress, increases levels of positive and beneficial for the immune system such as serotonin and dopamine chemicals, which are nerve transmitters that generate feelings of pleasure, peace and joy. The most natural and healthy way to generate serotonin and dopamine is playing with a dog or a cat petting, hugging your partner, see a sunset, walking with his family in a park.


5. Animals are good for the heart

Woman and Dog Love
Woman and Dog Love

It has been shown in many studies the health benefits of pets, that patients who have a pets that suffered heart attacks survive longer than they don´t have, in addition to lead a better quality of life prolong their time inventory and decrease the chances of a relapse or a new heart attack.

It has also been shown that people who have pets during their childhood, youth and adulthood are less likely to suffer heart disease or circulatory system, as they have more physical activity and less stress accumulated throughout his life.

6. Pets and health research

Team of trained sniffer dogs involved in research Dogs of Vital Detection
Team of trained sniffer dogs involved in research Dogs of Vital Detection

It is evident the ability to perceive our pets can sense events that occur like illness or death of their masters. Recently, have been developed some projects for the prevention of diseases, using animals like the method the detection. In Spain an investigation called Dogs of Vital Detection; in Murcia with the support of the Department of Urology at the University Hospital Santa Lucia de Cartagena and Area II Health Murciano driving the medical service aims to detect early prostate cancer through the sniffer dogs. Which aims to demonstrate such research is the effectiveness of using the felt better developed and privileged of these training them so that they can determine in the urine of men Composes Volatile Organic which can cause prostate cancer and to reduce the number of deaths through early diagnosis of the disease.

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