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Fido the faithful dog

Fido, The faithful dog

Surely history is full of stories of dogs that have demonstrated their loyalty to their owners around the world. Such is the case for example of Hachiko in Japan and Greyfriars Bobby in Scotland who have written numerous books and there have been several movies. But the most famous faithful dog in life is perhaps the least known by people.

Fido, a mongrel dog born in a small village in Italy in the late 1930s during the beginning of World War II, about to die even as a little puppy because of the difficulties of life on the streets a country in a state of pre war was rescued and adopted by Luigi a young and humble worker in carpentry. Fido would appreciate an infinite loyalty and fidelity for the rest of his life to his master Luigi’s have saved him from death and have adopted it.

Fido Real Photo
Real photo of Fido, the faithful dog!

Luigi, had to move very early in the morning to the station closest to his home, a distance of about 2 kilometers train, and arrived promptly at 5:30 pm. Fido accompanied his master Luigi every day in the morning to the train station and was waiting on time in the afternoon for his return and together they returned home, for a few years the young beautiful routine and remained loyal dog. Although Italy was bombed almost daily, it was common to see Fido barking and jumping for joy, turning everywhere for her beloved owner Luigi every day when he came and sniffed off the train.

Finally the war reaches Luigi, like any healthy young man, he is recruited by the army to be sent to fight in Russia. For the first time in his life Fido is separated from his friend Luigi, but his commitment, loyalty and fidelity remained unshakable day after day the dog waiting for his master promptly at 5:30 pm no matter bombing, rain, cold, heat or any reason that would make them quit their beautiful and admired commitment.

Fido on newspaper
Fido on newspaper

One day, fate would rob Fido, the faithful dog, any possibility of reuniting with his beloved owner, Luigi had died in battle, however more timely Fido remained at that train station every afternoon at 5:30 for 14 years, returning only home of the parents of Luigi who not lost hope of seeing him return. Soon, train workers, merchants, passers-by and passengers realized so beautiful demonstration of fidelity that became a popular dog in the village. Finally the press and the media know their history and write about Fido in many newspapers in Italy.

Fido became a celebrity, received medals and honors, received the admiration of people even long after completion of the war, all were interested in the dog, newspapers rewrote its history and gave progress periodically, but Fido all I wanted was to see its owner Luigi, returning home with his friend. In the ’50s, and Fido was an old but young tour that took him 15 minutes was longer than 2 hours, with much effort he kept his commitment.

Finally, Fido’s body is found frozen snowy by a group of people on the way to the train station in the village Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy. A statue of Fido celebrates its beautiful and sad story of a faithful and loving dog who became a cathedral the saying “The dog is the most faithful animal”. If you cry, no matter, I also cried writing this story that broke my heart…

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