Does My Cat Love Me?

Does my cat love me?

Does My Cat Love Me? lists 11 cat signs love

Does my cat love me? Cats are not like dogs when it comes to expressing feelings of affection for their owner and other family members.

Dogs usually get people who love and overflowing with hysterical concern where there jumping, licking, spasms, howls, barks all with madness and frenzy.

Cats on the other hand are very gentle and calm but definitely cats are pure and intense passion and have truly wonderful ways to express that love you and that there is no doubt about it.

So if you ask “does my cat love me?” presents a fairly comprehensive guide to the most common cat signs and forms that have cats to express their affection, hope you enjoy it.

1. Showing her tummy and belly.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if show you their belly
Does my cat love me? Yes! if show you their belly

When a cat is thrown to the floor and placed his belly and belly up and occasionally touring side to side and stretched is telling you fully trust you, you want to get close and cuddle.

Cats do not show their vulnerable parties to any, they are very shy and wary so when a cat shows her belly and legs is put up it is a compliment and inciting him prove affection as the cat does with you.

This is a cat signs of love and confidence, the cat feels 100% comfortable and warmly also want to interact with you. Your cat loves you!.

If your cat shows you his belly and moves from side to side trying to get your attention not miss the opportunity to pet him and show the love and affection that you have for your cat.

2. Chasing you everywhere or sit and goes to your side.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if follow you
Does my cat love me? Yes! if follow you – Photo Credit: Mami Gibbs Moment Getty Images

If you ask, does my cat love me? and while you’re working on the computer, reading, watching TV, studying, cooking your cat looks to be a few centimeters of you, check it, primping, sleeping, watching you and you expressed your affection in different ways and manners, then you can answer, yes my cat loves me!!.

Your cat could lie on you when you’re in bed and be a centimeter of your face and lick tenderly. When a cat looks always be near you and chasing you everywhere you the favorite place of your cat are you. so you can  This is a symbol of a strong emotional connection between the cat and its owner. When your cat loves you is the favorite place to be near you.

3. Purrs.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if purrs when it is very close to you
Does my cat love me? Yes! if purrs when it is very close to you

Almost all the time and for various reasons cats purr, but when the purring does in front of you or above you, no matter if it is much stronger and sound or just subtle, is an unmistakable cat signs of affection towards you or such person to which the cat loves.

Purring is a sign of relaxation cat, heart rate is reduced and the animal is kept very peaceful and quiet. Purring is certainly one of the most tender and pleasant things cats do.

When your cat purrs can take advantage of everything their purr because it is beneficial to your health. Scientific studies have shown that cats purr helps release the stress of people, positively stimulates the nervous system and the immune system and strengthens our muscles and other benefits. If you want to know more about health benefits of pets.

4. Kneading.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if your cat kneads you
Does my cat love me? Yes! if your cat kneads you

When cats are born squeeze, push and relax with their little paws and claws belly and his mother’s womb to stimulate milk production.

Once weaned cats continue to make these movements kneading is nostalgic for some specialists and researchers for those moments of pleasure and joy with his mother and that somehow reliving again and again throughout his life.

If your cat kneads any garment worn and impregnated with your scent, your pillow, blanket or simply you kneads to you it is because somehow this remembering his mother and moments of pleasure and happiness when suckled.

When your cat you love him or love her something of yours interpret it as an expression and demonstration of deep love for you, the cat literally this delighting you, your cat loves you!.

5. It gives gifts.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if you get gifts
Does my cat love me? Yes! if you get gifts

Does my cat love me? a positive response is if your cat approaches you with a small dead animal as it could be a mouse or a bird or simply an object do not panic nor reject, your cat is about to give you one of the most beautiful and important demonstrations of affection and love , give gifts.

Remember that for most to believe that our cat is a gentle and quiet animal, he is a great hunter, his instinct is in its genetics and nobody can change.

Thus the cat shares his achievements hunting the person who loves and is an important part of his life, for that reason if you were to spend ten consideration because despite that for you is a dead animal and probably something very unpleasant, for your cat’s food and an important trophy that wants to share with you thanks.

6. Stares at you and flashes slow.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if you look at the eyes and blinks slowly
Does my cat love me? Yes! if you look at the eyes and blinks slowly

Cats give kisses with his eyes, yes! as you read it, give kisses with eyes looking at you!, its slow flashing, experts say is equivalent to a kiss, kiss literally cats but with eyes.

Cats only allow eye contact with people they know and they trust, if that gaze also has a slow blink your cat you thrown a cat kiss, your cat loves you!, experts suggest that we imitate and repeat this gaze and blink to repay the affection shown.

One of the most beautiful look, is the look of a cat. When your cat look and contemplate your eyes enjoy the peace and harmony of his gaze and if your cat slowly blinks remember that your cat is kissing you with his eyes.

7. Butting and rubbing on your legs and body.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if get headbutts
Does my cat love me? Yes! if get headbutts

Cats have glands that secrete pheromones near her temples and cheeks so to make a label, that is, transmit to other such substances.

Cat give head butts and rub their heads with ours and with other parts of our body, so the cat shows us as being that provides tranquility and confidence, it marks us as part of their family and their possessions.

Receiving butting or rubbing your cat is a sign of love that should rejoice that tells you he loves you. Every time that your cat you of butting or rub on you to impregnate with their pheromones you should feel very flattered and honored to be their possessions.

Cats also rubs with things that have the smell of their owners, this leave traces of their pheromone signaling its territory. all these are moments where you can take advantage and enjoy having a good contact with your beloved cat, do not miss.

8. Sleeping on you.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if sleeping on you
Does my cat love me? Yes! if sleeping on you

If your cat sleep with you, or even better, sleep on you, have anything more to say to the question “does my cat love me?”, he will definitely loves you and peace.

Cats are very wary, alert and attentive animals any aggressor stimulus, gain the trust of a feline is a difficult and easy to break, if your cat sleep with you or sleep on you, may not have greater demonstration of trust and trusting affection that his dream place more trust, that place is you, your cat is deeply connected with you and loves you.

Become your cat’s bed is one of the greatest privileges that your cat can give you, certainly when this relaxed on your chest or your abdomen, he will be purring which is very beneficial for your health, is your chance to relax and release all the stress of the day and share with your cat a magical moment.

9. Preen you and cleanse you.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if preen you and cleanse you
Does my cat love me? Yes! if preen you and cleanse you

Does my cat love me? Yes, if your cat licks your hair and ears as if you were cleaning is because you are part of immediate circle of cat, you are part of his life and possessions, cats that are part of the same family preen each other as displays of affection and trust, and if your cat does then you’re their best friend and I have great affection and trust.

When your cat grooms will show you kindness and tenderness, for some people the rough language of cats can be unpleasant but for other people may be quite the opposite, enjoy the most of the time it can be very fleeting.

A way to ensure that your cat preen you and cleanse you, if you lie on the floor sealing your eyes and when your cat  see you on the floor at the same level, it will cause great curiosity and approached quickly and most likely play with you.

10. Love bites.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if if you gently bites
Does my cat love me? Yes! if  gently bites you

When paired cats are so passionate that manage to hurt themselves often with biting and scratching. If your cat used to bite gently and tenderly scratched by you is showing you passionately his love for you, it is very easy to differentiate between a gesture of passionate love and something that hurt you. Gently bite is a sign of love and passion even for humans, if your cat does is because this love with you, passionately in love.

Usually cats are passionate, so the cat can start a game of biting and scratching gently but eventually could be more intense to a point where it could cause damage with their hooves or tusks, then you should know that it does not by any evil or to harm you, just remember that he is an instinctive hunter and almost always does not measure its strength and intensity, the important thing is to know how to handle the situation, you have to do is endure some pain and never take your hands abruptly and fast as you could make much more damage, to remove your hands do it with firmness and calm. however cat owners always have some scratch to show.

11. Tail stretched up and tip movements.

Does my cat love me? Yes! if your cat extended tail up and moves only once cradled the hooker
Does my cat love me? Yes! if your cat extended tail up and moves only once cradled the hooker

The tail of cats is like the hands of a person, that is, tools are very powerful body language that communicates many things. If a cat is standing or walking with the fully extended tail up and moves only once cradled the hooker is a sign that this comfortable and confident, that the environment and your presence you are welcome.

When the cat is lying and moves only the tip of his tail also means that this very comfortable, quiet and in confidence. The tail of a cat is definitely an emotional barometer, when the cat is scared or nervous sponge and bend his tail to express, in the same way when the cat feels good to you and want to express their love uses its tail to communicate.

The cat’s tail also serves to know their health status, usually if the cat is sick this greatly affects your mood and not the tail will be up. The cat’s tail is a quick indicator of many things cat so we have to give attention. Observe the cat’s tail can be very entertaining and anti stress therapy, cats have any number of ways to move its tail.

Does my cat love me? if you still have any doubt we leave this video

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