Bunny rabbit, What you know about it?

Bunny rabbit holding by little girl

Bunny rabbit is good pet?

Bunny rabbit is small mammal that form the Family ‘Leporidae’ in which exist more than 50 species. The rabbits can grow up to 40 centimeters in length and weigh between 1.2 and 2 kilograms. Both male and female bunnies are similar in size, but the young rabbits, call also bunnies, are smaller and very cute. Their hearts beats between 200 and 300 times per minute and takes an average of 30 to 60 breaths per minute also. The wild rabbit can live from 3 to 4 years by contrast a domestic house rabbit can live from 6 to 8 years their lives can be extended up to 10 years and reportedly the longest lived 19 years. For them the optimal ambient temperature is 18 ° C – 21 ° C but tolerate between 10 ° C – 29 ° C.

The most notable difference in rabbits is in its ears and tail. Their ears are large compared to their small tail usually white and hairy and more brilliant compared to the rest of the animal’s fur. Bunnies have excellent ears and eyes they can look in all directions they have long hind legs allowing them to strike the floor and use it as a warning sign of danger. There are black, blue, white, brown rabbits, with spots, among others, its variety of skin colors it depends on the modalities of classification such as agouti, broken and solid. There are specific breeds of rabbits and their coloration is unique or standard. They have long hair like house bunny “Angora” or it may be short even “Velvet”. There is also variety in the color of bunnies eyes from the blue to striking ruby red. The rabbits are now becoming more popular as small pets in homes around the world, especially if they are as pets for children.

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What do rabbits eat and how to feed?

Child feeds a bunny rabbit with carrot - Photo by Comstock - Getty Images
Child feeds a bunny rabbit with carrot – Photo by Comstock – Getty Images

Feeding the bunnies it must be based on the daily consumption of about 70% hay allowing their to have optimum conditions in digestive tract and helps the care of their teeth lengthening their wear. There is variety of hay mixed with oats, herbs, apples and rose petals on the market. Rabbits can eat a serving of vegetables, preferably raw vegetables daily as chard, artichokes, arugula, cucumber, beets, watercress also they can eat but in moderation, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, parsley and rabbits are prohibited from eating onion, garlic, potatoes and cauliflower. To the rabbits they are charmed with the fruits but they can eat in small portions maximum 2 or 3 times a week because makes them rise up of weigh rapidly. They should always be water clean and of good quality available in bowls and this should be changed daily.

The house rabbit can eat some fruit but less than 10% of your daily diet. Can rabbits eat apples and pears? yes they can do it, but without stem and seeds. Can rabbits eat bananas? yes they can do it, they love this,  bananas are like candy, but you must remove all peel and give no more than 2 thin slices per day per rabbit of 5 Lb of weight. The bunny Rabbit can also eat small amounts of the following fruits:  plum without the pits, kiwi, peach, cherrys all kind but without the pits, papaya, mango, melons with peel and seeds any kind, berrys all type but uncooked.

You are properly feeding your bunny and use the right rabbit food?

Bunny rabbit eats coriander
Bunny rabbit eats coriander

You know what supplies rabbits you need?


How to take care of a bunny and rabbit grooming?

Bunny pet grooming
Bunny pet grooming

The necessary hygiene to keep a house rabbit is very basic and simple, periodically and according to the need to clean the cage, but more importantly people need to know that they should not be bathed only once or twice a year.

Only in cases of extreme dirt is recommended baby wipes to clean them if there is any specific area as the legs. Brushing bunny rabbit hair is very important to maintain healthy skin and hair detangling, allways make rabbit grooming.

To provide a integral grooming the rabbit should removal in the rabbit’s fur caught up all debris and materials, fur trimming and brushing fur. It should also work on aesthetics as clean their ears and areas close to their eyes, cut nails and clean scent glands on the back near the genitals.

Never immerse the rabbit pet in water because you could kill him. The permanent toilet allow your pet bunny to recognize when you have external parasites or disease of the skin. Good grooming and cosmetic treatment of your pet bunny rabbit is the basis of their health and beauty.

Keep your rabbit hygienically and you do rabbit grooming correctly?

Bunny rabbit under grooming and clean ears
Bunny rabbit under grooming and clean ears

You know how keep your pet rabbit healthy?

House pet rabbits
House pet rabbits

A bunny rabbit like pet requires more care, attention and responsibility that a dog or cat. These little animals need space for exercise, toys for entertainment and companionship to socialize. They are restless and they decide in what place eat, sleep and make their needs. Rabbits need lots of exercise.

Bunnies run a lot and can reach up to 55 kilometers per hour. Their teeth are constantly growing and are recommended to have within reach things that can gnaw like natural wood, cardboard boxes and branches of fruit tree. A playful pet rabbit is a healthy rabbit, game and activity is the most important symptom of a healthy rabbit.

Regular exercise is very necessary for your bunny, weather and environmental temperature is favorable and it is a sunny day could place the rabbit in the garden protected by a fence and under your strict observation to avoid escape or an animal can give damage or even kill him. In the nearby you can place toys, hiding places, obstacles that interact with these objects. You can play with like throwing dried leaves of trees surely you will enjoy much fun that time.

Your rabbit has everything he needs to be healthy and happy?

A healthy bunny rabbit jumping obstacles
A healthy bunny rabbit jumping obstacles

What are the most common rabbits diseases?

Your bunny needs an annual veterinary examination
Your bunny need an annual veterinary examination

Pet rabbit often affected the eyes and nose and include snuffles, internal and external parasites, overgrown incisors, infections or cancer, and sore hocks. It is necessary to vaccinate domestic rabbits every 6 months.

Pet rabbit need annual veterinary exams, and the female rabbits should be sterilized not only to counteract their legendary reproductive abilities but also to fend off uterine cancer, which is common in rabbits.

Without a doubt they are excellent bunny rabbit as pets as long as you have the care not to let loose wires, paints and open cupboards where you keep products containing chemicals that can have an accident to death by the intake of these.

It should be especially careful with Ventilators, airs conditioners because they can not withstand sudden changes in temperature. If you give all necessary care, you play with your rabbit, you give your favorite food, you brush with caress daily, you will have a pet bunny that their tail was not stopping moving as sign of happiness.

How often you take your bunny to the vet?

Remember your bunny vaccinate every 6 months
Remember your bunny vaccinate every 6 months

Conclusion: Bunny rabbit is good pet!


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