8 Best Pocket Pets for Kids

Hamster is one of The Best Pocket Pets - Photo: Thinkstock

You are looking for pocket pets for kids?

TheFunnyPets.com suggest 8 wonderful alternatives of beautiful pocket pets and small animals the size of your hand that surely liked them a lot to your child if you live in a small place or you do not have much space for a conventional pet as cat or dog.

If you are evaluating that pet give your child, there are many furry and affectionate pocket pets could also be considered conventional dogs and cats. These small pets really are wonderful options, low costs and little care will surely enliven and give a lot of happiness to all family members. For Dr. Jennifer Graham, assistant professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cummings of the University of Tufts, pocket pets are an excellent way to teach responsibility and create sensitivity for nature to your child and are ideal for children over 5 years.

TheFunnyPets.com, offers a quick guide with 8 beautiful options that can help you in choosing the new family member, the pocket pet that both dreams of having his son. The guide will have the top ten of the most popular small pets in homes, surely you will seem them some very similar to each other such as hamsters and guinea pigs, although they may look similar, we ensure that each is very different in their behavior, maintenance and how they interact with children.

1. Hamsters

Sirius Hamster on the tightrope, it is a fabulous Pocket Pets
Sirius Hamster on the tightrope, it is a fabulous Pocket Pets

This small animals is perhaps one of the most popular mammals as pocket pets in homes around the world for being very easy to care for and maintain, is a smart and very funny animal might even be trained with a little patience. But sometimes, depending on the species and gender, most frequent females and smaller species, they could be somewhat aggressive and nervous, so it would be somewhat difficult to handle. The syrian hamster is the ideal specie to start, especially when it comes to young children according to Dr. Graham is the hamster that adapts faster to be manipulated. To keep a hamster first thing is to have a spacious cage with devices such as tunnels, exercise wheels and spaces for nesting so you can sleep and hide. The cage should be easy to clean and perform maintenance, should be safe and strong. The lifespan of a hamster is approximately 3 years for some might seem a long time and for others a short time, especially when it dies because if your child has taken a liking this could be the first significant contact with death, which no could certainly be quite unpleasant at first but eventually became an important life lesson, the key will always be the direction that you as a parent to give your child. Otherwise the hamster is a fairly inexpensive in terms of food choice, mainly cereals and seeds inexpensive and does not require special care. These small pets are primarily nocturnal habits, so during the day try to sleep most of the time hiding in its burrow is important to consider this habit because often the child’s interaction is limited to the hamster. For all these reasons it is definitely one of Best Pocket Pets for thefunnypets.com.

2. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are beautiful and adorable Small Pets- Photo Credit: lieveheersbeestje
Guinea Pigs are beautiful and adorable Small Pets- Photo Credit: lieveheersbeestje

Although they are of the same family as hamster, the guinea pigs have a very different behavior, these babies are very sociable have a very sweet character and are very soft so they are less likely to give bites. The guinea pigs are very stable emotionally so virtually no surprises temperament and give both children and young people can handle them without problems. Adorable small animals are ideal to be the first small pet because they will not be frustrated by the inexperience of their caregiver. The life expectancy of a guinea pig is greater than that of the hamster, can last between 5 and 7 years depending on the care, feeding and quality of life you have. These small rodents require a little more care than the hamster because your appetite is higher, are herbivores, love to eat hay and vegetables usually they are a somewhat messy when eating their cousins so their cage should be cleaned more often. The guinea pigs are nocturnal but also well suited to activities during the day, have the particularity to issue many types of sounds to communicate when they are hungry, scared or happy. With some patience and persistence you could achieve train to do basic things. For all these reasons it is definitely one more of Best Small Pets for thefunnypets.com.

3. Gerbils

Cute Gerbil Pocket Pet
Cute Gerbil Pocket Pet

Gerbils are a very good choice as a small pet for your child, not pushy but are very fast and restless and will be somewhat difficult to keep them clinging for long. These small animals are easy to have but not very practical, especially for young children. Gerbils need large cages as they have a lot of activity during the day and night and their food is very similar to hamsters and guinea pigs are herbivores eat seeds, vegetables, legumes and balanced food for rodents. These pocket pets are delicate in their airways when the humidity in the environment, can literally catch cold and even worse pneumonia and die, they are very agile, active and nervous animals so the environment can affect them much. His nature is to inhabit hot places and dry so if your home is too wet you should consult your veterinarian. Gerbils can be very attractive for your child but will always require some help from someone older if he escape safely handle or want to avoid falls. They are very active at night and day. They have a life expectancy rarely exceeds 2 years. For all these reasons it is one of the list Best Pocket Pets for thefunnypets.com.

4. Rats

Rats are incredible and wonderful Small Pets - Photo Credit: iStockphoto
Rats are incredible and wonderful Small Pets – Photo Credit: iStockphoto

According to Dr. Graham, give your child a rat as a pet can be one of the most wonderful experiences you have in your life, children with rats create some very strong ties to their small rodent, since rats love to interact with people and things, are very intelligent, they learn tricks easily, are very sweet and gentle and they love being in touch with people. The rat could play with his son steeplechase, search and retrieve objects, navigate mazes and other activities great fun for both the child and the animal. They are not aggressive and are very easy to maintain and care for, their food is very basic and the typical diet consists of rodents. Cages require good size with potential for nesting and hiding sleeping, are predominantly nocturnal, most however are also adapted to have a hectic pace during the day. Rats like the gerbils have a very short life expectancy that generally does not exceed 2 years. Rats are very sociable, need to interact with its owner at least once a day, if you can not do consider buying more than one to have company, but if you buy more than one rat you should make sure they are not opposite sexes as quickly have a large family in the cage. Are rodents that have the greatest ability to adapt to any circumstance why the rat quickly get used to their new home once acquired. Ensures buy in specialty pet stores or professional breeders and have it checked by a veterinarian to avoid any surprises. Of the most common health problems is the appearance of cancer, these rodents often suffer from tumors that quickly end with its short life. For all these reasons it is definitely one of Best Pocket Pets for thefunnypets.com.

5. Bunny rabbit

Bunny rabbit is an excellent pocket pets
Bunny rabbit is an excellent pocket pet

Rabbits are ideal pocket pets for younger children, like guinea pigs, rabbits are very sweet and sociable, especially the larger species. However it is always very important to have adult supervision to avoid accidents that could injure the animal if the child is very small and has difficulty grasping or holding the bunny rabbit. These small animals are very easy to maintain and care, only to avoid the excess moisture that can bring respiratory problems and skin, especially in the legs and a proper diet based on balanced rabbit food, hay and vegetables, protect them in a cage of appropriate size it is very important. Life expectancy of a pet rabbit can become 12 years. It is very important that male rabbits are neutered and females are sterilized to prevent possible aggressive reactions including health problems such as the occurrence of cancer in the reproductive organs and a proliferation of bunnies if you want to have several animals in the same place. Rabbits are highly recommended for young children and have no more experience with small pets. For all these reasons it is definitely one of list of Best Pocket Pets for thefunnypets.com. If you want to know a about bunny rabbit click here.

6. Chinchillas

Chinchilla is a Real Funny Pocket Pet - photo credit: istockphoto
Chinchilla is a Real Funny Pocket Pet – photo credit: istockphoto

As interesting option a little more exotic we have chinchillas, small children should ideally be small animals of contemplation and not to interact with them since chinchillas are very agile and fast so it would not be easy to manipulate, children largest and young people if they can have them as a small pet to interact. The chichillas are small very soft and friendly character and docile rodents, rarely, if ever, can become aggressive or bite, on the contrary they are very sociable and love that petted and give treats as rewards. They show that they are very intelligent and affectionate, communicate your emotions with different types of sounds and screams. Like most rodents their care are very simple and easy, although in the case of chinchillas is very important its sand baths which must be at least 3 times a week, these baths sands should be a space sand and they are vital to your health because otherwise could lead to diseases that affect the skin and coat. They are herbivores and can eat seeds, cereals, legumes and vegetables are recommended although pellets or balanced food for chinchillas. Their life expectancy is higher than that of the guinea pigs and the rabbits and between 10 and 15 years. The cage should be a good size, preferably several levels so you can go up and down as it is a very active animal. For all these reasons it is definitely one of Best Small Pets for thefunnypets.com.

7. Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are Adorable Small Pets - Photo Credit: Istockphoto
Hedgehogs are Adorable Small Pets – Photo Credit: Istockphoto

The hedgehogs are small spiny mammals that are definitely not cuddly pet type to be petted, most however they are the most preferred in recent decades by children, youth and adults be truly lovable, friendly, gentle pets. Their life expectancy ranges between 5 and 7 years. Children generate an excellent connection to the dwarves urchins and become good friends for all kinds of games. However hedgehogs are somewhat delicate health, which could be a disadvantage because it generates additional costs for support. Diseases or complications are most common oral cancer, skin problems and with thorns and mites but with good nutrition and care risks are considerably reduced. Hedgehogs are omnivorous, and therefore require a somewhat different from rodents therefore not only require vegetables and vegetables but also need protein and fat animal ideally supply the pet food manufactured for them diet and alternatively could use cat food. The dwarf hedgehogs are banned in some cities and states, if you plan to have a pygmy hedgehog please consult your veterinarian. For all these reasons it is one of Best Small Pets for thefunnypets.com.

8. Ferret

Ferret is an Amazing and Admirable Small Pet
Ferret is an Amazing and Admirable Small Pet

For thousands of years man and ferrets they have shared their lives, an estimated were first domesticated 1,500 years before Christ. Ferrets are really intelligent small animals, learn very fast, very fun, sociable and very naughty, love to interact with people, other animals and things in general. Male ferrets can weigh 6 lbs and measure 15 inches and females are much smaller not exceed 3 lbs and 12 inches, one could say that they are equivalent in size a weight rabbits. Cage must have an appropriate size and should be left out at least 2 hours per day. Ferrets need to interact daily with their owners so if you think you have it as a pet know that they need that you spend time, some people have loose all the time at home and rarely use cages. Ferrets have many fascinating behavior and habits, their anatomy is very agile and flexible which allow them to get by particularly difficult places, they love to hide them steal things like keys, pens, template or anything that catches their attention. Ferrets are primarily carnivores like dogs and cats because they are excellent hunters so a diet rich in protein such as eggs, meat, chicken is recommended, among others but ideal for convenience and nutritional value is to give a balanced food as a food pellets for kittens very good quality. It is very important to avoid foods rich in sugars and sweets, candies, chocolate, nuts, almonds to avoid serious health problems. Ferrets are mammals like any cat or dog and need specific care for species as well as vaccines for rabies and other diseases, so consult your veterinarian confidence to expand their information about these beautiful and adorable animals. For all these reasons it is definitely one of Best Small Pets for thefunnypets.com.

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